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We can make your dreams come true.  "The Custom Home Store LLC"  has a better way to build, we call it "panelized".  A proven concept of quality, cost effective stick frame construction. We have perfected a system to let you build well without spending big. 

This unique approach uses traditional materials and proven techniques. Our system utilizes advanced information technology to streamline the entire building process.

The result:  You save, which means it's not too late to turn you vision into your custom dream home. 


You choose your level of involvement:  you can do some of the work yourself, or have "us" complete the entire construction process. 

All of our homes are custom homes - you do not have to choose from a few plans or a few finish choice products.  Turn "your" vision into your custom dream home!


"The Custom Home Store LLC" saves you money by providing expert guidance to keep you on track and on budget.  How exactly can we do it?

To begin with, we have developed a one-of-a-kind software program that makes estimating faster and more precise.  Using this program, we can sit down with you and translate your vision whether it's in your head or on a blueprint.  We will explore all the options, from the pitch of the roof to closet shelving.  You will receive a complete cost estimate. 

We can start you on the path to financing through a financial institution that is familiar with us and the construction of our clients' custom homes. 

Next your vision will be sent to our designer and your first preliminary plans will be prepared for your review and input.  We will sit down with you and work through the plans until you are happy and your final working plans are complete!   

Your final estimate will be complete with a detailed cost analysis for the bank financing for all phases of construction, based on your choices & decisions and actual subcontractor bids.  These are subcontractors that have worked with us and our clients over many years - they are dependable and they too take pride and care about the work they complete in our clients' homes.  You will save with our pricing.  At every stage in the process, you will have saved time and money. 

Your building components are pre-engineered to make sure everything goes up without the waste that is all too common during construction. 

With our materials you will be ready for the best part of all:  Making your dreams take shape.

The Custom Home Store, LLC
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